éste es de mi tipo / my kind of guy

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   Tengo un amigo nuevo en facebook. Última vez vez que les hablo de animales rellenos. Yo sé que voy a parecer loca y no puedo desmentir que lo sea, pero este tipo es lo máximo. No sé si es su voz tipo Marvin Gaye, o la música de suspenso, pero cada vez que se abre la puerta del freezer está lleno de ingleses que suspiran. Tanto así, que ahora si mandas seis cupones de barritas de pescado y 1 pound, le pagas el pasaje para que llegue a vivir a tu freezer, y todos se lo pelean. Soy capaz de comer seis cajas de esa cochinada. Parientes y amigos en Inglaterra: mándenme un Clarence Birdseye!!!! Urgente!!!! Abajo va su perfil de FB, y uno de sus videos.

  I have a new facebook friend. It's the last time I'm talking about stuffed animals. I know I might sound crazy, and I can't deny I'm, but this guy just rocks. May be it's his Marvin Gaye-ish voice or the suspense music, but every time the freezer opens, england sighs. So much, that now if you send six coupons of fish fingers and 1 pound he would come and live in your freezer, everyone is going bananas. I could eat six boxes of that nasty thing. Friends and relatives in England: please send me a Clarence Birdseye!!! Urgent!!!! Down you will find his FB profile and one of his videos.

Su perfil:

My name’s Clarence.

So I’m a polar bear. Yes we got that. I don’t live in the Arctic, I can’t fish. I don’t want to be tickled under the chin and I won’t do a trick with that seal. I like horror films, jazz and romance.

I don’t like sunsets, beaches, football, skiing or scuba diving. I live in a freezer. It suits me. I like ice and dark.

My purpose in life is helping people to make the right food choices. I am a big fan of Birds Eye. Nothing annoys me more than people compromising on quality. And if they don’t to listen to me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Breathe.

Occasionally I lose my cool. I’m doing anger management. It’s all to do with my mother and this time I fell in a lake and she didn’t, she didn’t even swim over to get me.

My favourite time of the day is when someone opens the freezer door.

I’d love to be the first polar bear in space or to star in my own docudrama. But for now I’m just happy being me. 100%.

Oh, and I’m watching you.

otro/another  y/and otro/another  and otro and otro!!!!

Buona Sera, Janice
Kevin, hat....

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