el color de la calma / the color of calm

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   El celeste es el color de la calma. Todo lo apacigua, se lleva bien con la luz. Es amigo del amarillo, del rojo, del coral, también del gris, verde o del chocolate. Si quieres un color para tu pared, que sea celeste. Si quieres celeste, que no te cueste!

  Pale blue is the color of calm. It appeases everything, and is a friend of light. It goes along with yellow, red, coral, with gray, green and chocolate too. If you want a color for your wall, let it be pale blue!

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2 comentarios

  1. its Alyson from over at http://alysonsblog.com you found me on P'interest - and I'm SO very happy that you did, thanks so much for your lovely comment, I will get the book, its certainly a need in me to follow this path wherever it might take me - as for the house rules list - I can do spanish so long as you do the spelling HAHA xxx

  2. Hi Alyson! I'm glad you like my message! Hope it will help. You can find the book here: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Surprised-by-Joy-Lewis/9780156870115 It's paperback though, there are some hardcover too. Tell me if you like it when you get to read it
    I had already translate and adapt the house rules, I was planing to print and frame them in photo size, because I don't have a blank wall yet to stick your decals!!!! I'm planing on make a house improvement some time soon, so I will sure want them then.
    Hope we keep in touch! best wishes!


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